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April 16, 2014


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photo of dr Bernard rosenfeld, tubal reversal doctor

Bernard Rosenfeld, M.D., Ph.D.
Internationally Renowned
Tubal Reversal Surgeon

"Please read our site completely and carefully and you will find out why we are your best choice for your tubal reversal. Don't be tricked by other doctors that falsely advertise for tubal reversal, but don't have hundreds of real life testimonials from satisfied patients like us. They usually have horrible results with their reversals and focus on converting them into IVF patients, which is more expensive and less effective!"

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Why Choose To See Dr. Rosenfeld For Your Tubal Reversal In Houston?

  • Dr. Rosenfeld has the highest successful pregnancy rates for all tubal reversal surgeries.

  • The tubal reversal procedure is the most successful.

  • This is a more natural and most importantly it's only half the cost of IVF.

  • The tubal reversal procedure has thousands of successful tubal reversal pregnancies.

  • More and more women reporting successful pregnancies everyday.

  • Dr.Rosenfeld has over 30 years of experience performing tubal reversal procedures.

  • Patients are usually home within 4 hours after your tubal reversal procedure.

  • Your tubal reversal will have a low cost with absolutely no hidden fees.

  • Dr.Rosenfeld does a maximum of two tubal reversal surgeries per day. We never rush!


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Tubal Reversal Patient Testimonial - Kelly Jones – Houston, Texas

testimonial about successful tubal reversal

It is with pure joy and love that I want to introduce you to my precious GEM.

Gracelyn Elisabeth Mazal was born on 26 March 2013.

My tubal reversal was done in January 2012 but I waited 6 months to start trying and got pregnant on the first try!!!!

Did I mention that I’m 36?!

Following the death of my 3 year old son, I desperately wanted to have another baby.

I am beyond grateful for the expertise and professionalism of Dr Rosenfeld and his staff. My experience was top notch and I would recommend this amazing Dr to anyone across the country. If you have any questions, please contact me at

Thank You! Kelly Calle


"Do not be deceived by other doctors that falsely advertise that they can do tubal reversals they are not properly trained. Their goal is to convince you to do IVF which is a more expensive and less successful procedure."

-Dr.Bernard L. Rosenfeld


Common Questions and Answers about Tubal Reversal

Q. What is a Tubal Reversal?

A. A Tubal Reversal or Tubal Ligation Reversal consist of very carefully attaching two ends of the tube when the parts in the middle of the tube has been cut and tied, burned, cauterized or had rings or clamps placed.


Q. How long is the tube prior to the Tubal Ligation?

A. The normal tube is 12 cm long, approximately 4 ½ inches.


Q. How much tube do I need to have a Tubal Reversal performed?

A. Dr. Rosenfeld has excellent results, up to 80% if the healthy tube to anastomosis (put together) is 6 cm or more.


Q. How does Dr. Rosenfeld know if I have enough tube to repair?

A. Dr. Rosenfeld will carefully look at the operative note if available to determine how much tube was cut, burned, tied or had rings or clamps placed. If he feels he can repair 6 cm or more you will have a much better chance with tubal reversal compared to IVF. If your tube appears to be less than 5 cm or your husband sperm count is low, Dr. Rosenfeld will refer you to the best IVF group he knows.


Q. Is it best to do a tubal reversal in a hospital?

A. Dr. Rosenfeld performs all his Tubal Reversals surgeries at a State of the art hospital complex, First Street Hospital. It is very rare that a patient who had a tubal reversal will need to spend a night in the hospital, but if a patient does, excellent accommodation is readily available.




Tubal Ligation Reversal Testimonial - Mei Lu – China/Now Houston

Tubal Reversal Baby

Dr. Rosenfeld, because of your skilled hands, now our family has two healthy boys, Mason and Forrest. I was forced to be sterilized in China in 1996 due to its birth control policy. At first, we tried IVF procedure but it was not successful. The Tubal Reversal surgery was done perfectly, it also repaired the ugly scar I got in China. Miraculously, I was pregnant with my first son Mason just 5 months after the procedure.

Tubal Reversal Patient Testimonial - Melanie Wade-Doty – Kentucky

tubal reversal baby is testimonial to dr rosenfelds skill

Dr.Rosenfeld’s cost is well under every other Dr. I have researched over the last 10 years. Unfortunately I had 2 failed IVF cycles before I found Dr. Rosenfeld. By the grace of God and a great Dr. my tubal reversal worked. I now have 5 children, and three of those are reversal babies….We got a set of twins!!!

Tubal Reversal Testimonial - Kari Martin – Lovington, New Mexico

kari martins tubal reversal baby and patient testimonial

Thank you so much for providing me with a successful tubal reversal in March 2012. I have a beautiful baby boy now and I’m truly grateful. Everything went better than expected and I highly recommend your office. We thought about IVF but we found out it was more expensive and less successful. I would love to share my story with anyone and I welcome any emails from prospective patients or doctors.

Thank you, Todd & Kari Martin


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