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Wendy’s Update! Happy Tubal Reversal Patient

Last updated : 2 December 2014

Tubal Reversal Wendy Smith Miller 1Here’s a great update from one of our tubal reversal patients.

She has an adorable tubal reversal baby! Wendy had her tubal reversal 12 years after her tubal ligation. It only required 2 months for her to become pregnant. And now (in 2013), she has a 2 year old little girl.

Read Wendy’s tubal reversal testimonial in her own words!

Wendy Smith Miller

Tubal Reversal Patient: Wendy Smith Miller

Location: Mineola, Texas

Capturing Every “First” With Tubal Reversal Baby

Last updated : 2 December 2014

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Last updated : 2 December 2014

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Tubal reversal success stories and testimonials are being posted daily by our forever grateful patients. And we are forever grateful for them trusting us for their tubal reversal journey, and for sharing their amazing baby pictures and kind words about us with the world!! We feel so blessed to help our patients become mothers again and watch their families grow.

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Last updated : 2 December 2014

Tons of great baby news buzzing around the office today!! We are always thrilled to hear back from our amazing tubal reversal patients who are now pregnant and/or have recently given birth to their beautiful & healthy miracle baby!! New testimonials & pictures coming soon!! 

New York and Kentucky Patient Testimonials

Last updated : 2 December 2014


So many inspiring Tubal Reversal stories!  We are honored to be apart of it. Read this New York Patient Testimonial where Ashley shares how her tubal reversal gave her and her husband a miracle.

tubal_reversal_babyWant more exciting news? Read this Patient Testimonial from Kentucky!  Melanie researched tubal reversal doctors for 10 years and found Dr. Rosenfeld was inexpensive and experienced. Now she has twins!

Thanks to all our patients for sharing your stories. We love all your uplifting feedback!



Remarried? Tubal Ligation Reversal Pregnancy Option!

Last updated : 2 December 2014

Many women, once married with two or more children choose to have a tubal ligation (tubes tied) because they do not want to have more children.  Fast forward a few years, and we sometimes see these women now remarried a second time to the true “love of their life,” wanting to take the next natural step and conceive a child together.

Tubal Ligation Reversal Makes Pregnancy Possible

It’s entirely possible to achieve this dream for you and for your husband. Tubal reversal surgery performed by one of the most experienced tubal reversal surgeons, Dr. Bernard Rosenfeldoffers you your highest chance of success to conceive a baby naturally! Plus, it is much less expensive than in vitro fertilization.

Favorite Tubal Reversal Stories from Happy Moms and Dads


“Dr. Rosenfeld performed my tubal ligation reversal May 11, 2009 after being “fixed” for 11 years. With this procedure my husband was able to finally experience the miracle of bringing a baby into this world because within 3 months we were pregnant! Even though my husband  has always been an excellent father to my children, I am so blessed to be able to share this experience with him and to have given him the opportunity to have a child of his own. What a blessing she is and we are SO grateful to Dr. Rosenfeld and all of his staff for making it possible!”

Brandie – Vidor, TX

“It’s twins! My experience at Dr. Rosenfeld’s office was more of a joy than I ever imagined. After already having two kids and a tubal ligation I was set on not having additional kids, but later I got married and my husband did not have any children. Knowing I had gotten my tubes tied was scary because I didn’t know if they were repairable or how much had been cut off.  Dr. Rosenfeld and his staff were so caring and optimistic. They performed a couple of easy tests and decided I would be candidate for tubal reversal. Dr. Rosenfeld explained the outpatient procedure in great detail and it was a simple, semi-painless process! The follow-up care was fantastic and in less than 3 months I was pregnant!!!! Now we have 5 month old fraternal twins. Thanks!”

Shemise  – Houston, TX

“Katelyn is my husband’s very first biological child.  John is so happy to finally have his dream of 20 years come true. We greatly appreciate all that you did. Thank you Dr. Rosenfeld and staff. Without your help, we could not have had our precious baby girl. Thank you all.”

Susan & John – Harker Heights, TX

“My husband tragically lost his first wife and son and though I had my tubes tied six years ago, I wanted grow our family together. I traveled to see Dr. Rosenfeld because after all I had read and heard, I really believed in him. Only weeks after my tubal reversal surgery, my husband and I shared joyful tears…we were pregnant! Thank you Dr. Rosenfeld.”

Bethany – San Antonio, TX

“I had been awaiting for this moment for the longest time, not ever really knowing if it would come. And yet, here I am. My name’s Anita and I had my tubal ligation on Oct 1998. After my divorce I re-met an old high school acquaintance fourteen years later! My tubal reversal came along on June 2009 by Dr. Rosenfeld, the on Q pain pump made a huge difference with pain. Four months exactly we conceived! We had our glorious little baby girl Feby Lyn on July 6 of 2010. Dr. Rosenfeld has made our dream/wish/miracle happen. It is because of his amazing potential and dedication to his work that we get to savor the flavor of such enchanting wonders. The road to my need of becoming a mother once again has been fulfilled. The necessity for experiencing the role of being a father figure for my husband has finally happened and for that we thank you from the bottom of our hearts Dr. Rosenfeld. No words, no money, no emotion or action would ever permit our gratitude to glow to its fullest to validate how grateful we will always be. Our daughter has reopened our eyes to the beauty that is humanity in it’s simplicity. We searched for a GOOD doctor with the capability of proving his work and I have to say . . . we are left pretty amazed cause we found a GREAT doctor, Dr. Rosenfeld more than fulfilled those shoes. Thank you… always”

Anita – Austin, TX

See more patient stories.

Is Tubal Reversal Right for You?

Thinking about tubal ligation reversal and if it is right for you?  Why wait when you can speak to Dr. Rosenfeld yourself on the telephone and see if you are a candidate for this procedure- you will be happy to hear he has over 80% success rate! Dr. Rosenfeld can answer all your tubal reversal questions on the telephone.

Why We Do What We Do

Last updated : 2 December 2014


We receive amazing patient testimonials everyday that we are SO proud to share, but we are especially grateful for the reoccurring kind words and updates we receive from our patients. They enjoy keeping us posted on the growth of their miracle babies just as must as we enjoy oohing and ahing over their precious baby pictures!

Posted on October 5, 2013 on our Faceook page by our patient Veronica Garcia:

“As I look through pictures of my babies on their birthdays, I wanted to take a moment and thank you and your staff once again for everything your dedicated team did for my family and I. Without Dr. Rosenfeld’s tubal ligation reversal surgery none of this would have been possible. I gave birth to Carlos R. on October 5, 2007. Today he will be 6. Isaac R. was born two years after on September 12, 2009. They are a pure joy and blessing to have. Thank You.”

GET INSPIRED! Tubal Reversal Success Stories

Last updated : 2 December 2014


Read the many inspiring tubal reversal success stories on Dr. Rosenfeld’s website! You can even email some of these patients to hear about their experience firsthand or ask them questions. 

Ultrasound News in the Office Today!!

Last updated : 2 December 2014


“Proud to share with you my ultrasound. This was at 15 weeks and I am now 21 weeks pregnant! Due December 14th, 2013 → About 1 year after surgery! We will be welcoming our sweet little girl into the world, and we couldn’t be happier or feel more blessed. Thank you, Dr. Rosenfeld, for making this miracle possible.” – Heather Eiland

Who To Visit?!

Last updated : 2 December 2014

Here is a helpful guide to know what type of doctor can help you when you are not feeling your best. 
guide to what type of doctor to see when you need health advice

Why Dr. Rosenfeld is the BEST

Last updated : 2 December 2014

_superdoc_tubal_reversalDr. Bernard Rosenfeld is a renowned tubal reversal specialist with 30 years of experience and a success rate of more than 80%. Dr. Rosenfeld has the technique, the tools and the team to make your tubal reversal a gratifying experience.

  • Technique: Dr. Rosenfeld is the only infertility specialist who provides advanced tubal reversal surgery. He performs only two tubal reversal procedures per day to ensure that every detail can be carefully and fully attended to and that you have the best outcome.
  • Tools: Ultra-fine 10-0 sutures, like the ones used in delicate eye surgeries, and state-of-the-art adhesion prevention barriers, greatly reduce trauma to your body and the risk of adhesion. These techniques promote rapid healing and contribute to very best success.
  • Team: Your surgery will be performed by an elite surgical team. One of the best surgical assistants at the Texas Medical Center, Dr. Harold Galdamez, works side by side with Dr. Rosenfeld. Dr. Galdamez has extensive training in microsurgery received during his Fellowship Training at the Texas Heart Institute and during his tenure as a Cardiovascular Surgeon in Guatemala.

Thank You For Sharing!

Last updated : 2 December 2014


New Tubal Reversal Testimonial & Baby Picture!!

We love getting this news & being able to share it with our prospective patients!!

“Had surgery August 17, 2012.
Shortly, we conceived in September!!
Bradley Joseph was born June 14, 2013.
Thank you Dr. Rosenfeld!!”  Alex Rodriguez Gembler


Last updated : 2 December 2014

encouragement for tubal reversal patients and their familes

Tubal Reversal Vs. In Vetro Fertilization

Last updated : 2 December 2014


Hear what Dr. Rosenfeld has to say about in vetro fertilization or IVF!!

Get your tubes untied with tubal reversal. Competitive prices, great success rates, and short recovery times!! Call today!! 713.790.0099

Many Dr. R’s patients found IVF unsuccessful or were told that they could not become pregnant after a tubal ligation. But these tubal reversal success stories tell what worked for them.

2 Babies After Tubal Reversal

Last updated : 2 December 2014

“These are our 2 boys after my [Tubal Reversal with Dr. Rosenfeld]. We had the surgery on March 15, 2011. We then had Eli in February 2012 and Ben in February 2013. True Blessing. Thank you.” –Tish Myers

Thank you for sharing this remarkable photo with us!!!!