November 25, 2017


What Our Patients Say About The On-Q PainBuster

Last updated : 2 December 2014

on-q painbuster pain pump for virtually no pain after tubal reversal surgeryAnd these are only a few:

“I loved it. Best thing ever; no pain. Got pregnant one year later.” – Elayna Avellaneda, Houston, TX

“It relieved my pain 100%, used no meds! I got pregnant 8 months later and now have 2 kids.” – Alma Molina, Pearland, TX

“I was not in pain at all. Stayed home the first day, the second day I went shopping at Deerbrook Mall and on the third day went shopping at the Galleria until they closed all the stores!” – Dannette Ransom, Gary, TX

“The pain pump worked fantastic. I felt no pain after the reversal and was moving around in no time.” – Elizabeth Walker, Houston, TX

“There was no pain at all and didn’t need meds. Delivered 10 months after surgery and now have 2 babies!” – Cecilia R Ruiz, Houston, TX

“The pain pump was awesome. I had no pain on the incision and no pain removing it. So happy to be pregnant 6 months later.” – Tamra, Houston, TX

“It really works. It helped me keep going. Uncle passed away the night of my surgery, but I was able to go to the funeral the next day.” – Regina Rodriguez, Houston, TX

“It helped a lot. I was able to get up and move around.” – Rhonda Zuluaga, LaPorte, TX

“I liked it a lot, it was wonderful. I have had abdominal surgeries before but this time I recovered faster. I got pregnant one year later.” – Susan Topolski, Harker Heights, TX

“It worked very well. It kept the area PAINLESS. Got pregnant 4 month later.” – Esmeralda Campo, San Antonio, TX

“It decreased my pain. I was only on the pain pump, no meds. Got pregnant 6 months after surgery and now have 2 babies.” – Magdalena Rios, Deer Part, TX

“The doctor gave me oral pain meds but I didn’t need to take any. Pain was nothing compared to my last C-section. Got pregnant 3 months after surgery and I’m due in 3 months.” – Maria Nunez, Dickinson, TX

“I didn’t have any problems with it & no problems removing it.” – Deshond Williams, Stafford, TX

“I think that the pain pump helped a lot because I couldn’t feel any pain or discomfort after the reversal. Now we have a healthy 6 month old!.” – Mary Davis, Humble, TX

“It was a really good experience. It is a marvelous piece of equipment, I will recommend to anyone. Conceived 7 months later.” – Juanita Alvarado, Lufkin, TX

“Great experience with On-Q Pain Pump, couldn’t have been better. Got pregnant 2 months after surgery.” – Yolanda Flores, Houston, TX

“The pain pump helped me a lot after my surgery and was very convenient to carry around with me white the medicine was soothing the area. If you have surgery, I recommend you use the pump. I got pregnant 10 months after the reversal.” – Rosalinda, Houston, TX

“I’m so grateful for this office and all the help provided by this office. The pain pump is unbelievable, it allowed me to go to work with in days. I got pregnant 4 months after the tubal reversal & delivered my baby in October.” – Maria, Houston, TX

“Pain pump is marvelous, best of all medical inventions. I was pain-free. I’m also a very happy tubal reversal patient with a 2-year-old.” – Silvia Banuelos, Pasedena, TX

“Pain Buster was wonderful. I would have been in so much pain with out it! Got pregnant 3 months after the tubal reversal.” – Elizabeth, Houston, TX

“On-Q Pain Buster really worked for me. It helped tremendously with the pain and my recovery. I could not have done it with out it. I love Dr. Rosenfeld and everyone in his office! I got pregnant a few months later and now she’s 3 years old.” – Tonya Onorato, Plano, TX

“The pain pump was great. It lasted 2 days but I had no trouble removing it. Got pregnant and due Valentine’s Day. I highly recommend Dr. Rosenfeld- I love him and his staff is great.” – Kimberly Fenton, Daisetta, TX

“The pain pump was the best! I had no pain. Dr. Rosenfeld is awesome. Everything he did was great. I’m pregnant one year later with a baby girl – Dr. Rosenfeld is so talented!” – Suzanne Ram, Pasadena, TX

“Pain Pump was excellent. I had no pain, no soreness and no need for pain meds. Got pregnant 8 months later.” – Lacrisia McCardell, Houston TX

“When I was in the office for the visit before surgery, the nurse was explaining how to remove it and I was nervous. But when it was time to remove it, it wasn’t difficult at all! I had no pain with the pain pump. I got pregnant 3 months after the reversal and am now 6 months pregnant with a baby boy.” – Araceli L, College Station, TX

“Pain pump made a big difference. I had zero pain, took less meds, a whole world of difference. Got pregnant one year later and I have a 5 month old baby girl. Everything was wonderful and I’m very thankful for Dr. Rosenfeld.” – Jennifer Davis, Vidor, TX

“I’ve never had an open surgery so I had no idea what kind of pain to expect but felt great with the pain pump! Got pregnant 3 months after the reversal.” – T.B., Palacious, TX

“The pain pump at first sounded weird but it helped a lot with the pain. I highly recommend it to everyone that wants to give motherhood another chance. Dr. Rosenfeld made me feel secure in his hands. I got pregnant 7 months later and now my baby is 2 months old.” – Nicholle Logan, San Antonio, TX

“I definitely would do it again with the On-Q-Pain Buster – had no problems at all. My tubal reversal was wonderful got pregnant 3 months later.” – Kendell Simon, Hutto, TX

“The On-Q-Pump was very helpful after surgery. I was able to recover with minimal to no pain. Pregnant 1 year later.” – Errisha Younger, Cypress, TX

“I think the On Q pain pump is great for a lot of people. It helped tremendously with pain but I’m a very active woman and felt like it slowed me down so I removed it after the first 24 hours. I had no need for pain meds. My tubal reversal has been a blessing for me – I got pregnant 3 months later & and am now 4 months pregnant.” – Nicholle Logan, San Antonio, TX

“Incredible, zero pain and it was easy to get removed (my husband removed). It made a big difference with the pain. Got pregnant 7 months later. I would love to talk to prospective tubal reversal patients.” – Maekitra Harnage, Longview, TX

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