November 25, 2017


Valerie Willis – Tubal Reversal from Tahlequah, Oklahoma

Last updated : 13 September 2017

Our tubal reversal baby girl is heading into preschool! Had my tubal reversal 06/24/2014.

Valerie Willis
Tahlequah, Oklahoma

Sara Shipman – Tubal Reversal from Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

Last updated : 13 September 2017

Just a post to say thank you to Dr. Rosenfeld!!! And to tell all you ladies don’t give up. 2 years after my tubal  reversal surgery, I got pregnant with one that stuck. My tubal reversal baby was born 10/16/2015!!! And now we are due with our tubal reversal baby #2 on December 8, 2017.

Sara Shipman
Broken Arrow, OK

Paula Wilenzick – Tubal Reversal from Pond Creek, Oklahoma

Last updated : 29 August 2017

Dr. Rosenfeld was very nice, talked to us in words we understood. He was very honest about everything, even the percentage of the chances we would have to have a baby. His staff was very helpful before during and even after the procedure.

So glad we heard about him. I had my tubal reversal on 01/27/2014 and delivered Samantha Wilenzick on 02/09/2015. [Read more…]

Naomi Clay – Elgin, Oklahoma Tubal Reversal

Last updated : 16 December 2016

Everyone was so friendly, open and very attentive. I have gladly and openly shared my experience. We welcomed Dominic June 6, 2013. Then Kamren June 14, 2015. I am so very happy that they have helped us conceive my lil men.

Had my tubal reversal on 08/02/2012, meet Dominic and Kamren Clay

Tubal Reversal Oklahoma – Testimonial #1510

Last updated : 16 August 2017


We are so happy to announce the birth of our tubal reversal baby!!
Lilliana Trinity Faith Kelley was born 3/26/14 at 7 pounds 3 ounces, 19 inches long! We had our tubal reversal on 4/18/13 and found out we were pregnant on 7/22/13!
We cannot thank Dr. Bernard Rosenfeld and his amazing staff enough!!!

Check Out Dr. Rosenfeld’s Personal Superhero!

Last updated : 26 July 2017

Here’s an amazing update from our tubal reversal patient, Stacie Ridley,  from Tulsa, Oklahoma!!

“Braden William Ridley just turned 3!!! We just can’t say thank you enough for giving us this little miracle!”

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Patient Announces Pregnancy During Rodeo Time!

Last updated : 19 July 2016

Our favorite way to receive a pregnancy announcement is in person! Tubal Reversal patient, Annette Feliciano, from Orlando, FL, is happily 5 months pregnant after tubal reversal surgery. Click on the picture of Dr. Rosenfeld and the happy couple to read more about her experience with the tubal reversal process and the Rosenfeld team.
Tubal reversal patient visits Dr. Rosenfeld to announce pregnancy

Tubal Reversal Oklahoma City Testimonial – Chrissy Wensman

Last updated : 2 December 2016

My surgery was absolutely amazing!! I loved Dr. Rosenfeld and everyone on his staff was friendly, soothing, and very helpful. I loved the On-Q pain pump as well, could not have done without it! I could go on and on about Dr. Rosenfeld and his amazing office, it was a fabulous experience. Highly recommend to hopeful mothers.

Fingers crossed, thank you! People interested in learning more about our tubal reversal journey can contact me at

Chrissy Wensman
Oklahoma City, OK