November 25, 2017


3 Years After Tubal Reversal, Our TR Baby is Here!

From Facebook Messenger:

This is Jaime, my TR baby.

After 3 years, he finally arrived October 19th 2017, at 9:13pm.

Angie Mata

Jennifer Lindstrom TR Baby Girl Born

Tubal reversal done April 2015. Our beautiful baby girl was born Sept 16, 2017!! Thanks to you and your team we were able to be blessed with our little princess!!!

Jennifer Lindstrom
Houston, TX

April Gonzales – Over 40 Tubal Reversal Testimonial

Last updated : 28 July 2017

april gonzales shares her ultrasound as a baby announcement

UPDATE: July 2017
Baby Daniel is Born!

tr-baby daniel gonazales

april gonzales' is proud of her tr baby daniel


Alayna Sepulveda | My Tubal Reversal Story

Last updated : 20 September 2017

From Alayna from a Facebook message, 3/12/17:
Hello. 2-1/2 years later I am finally expecting. Just found out yesterday that it’s a GIRL. Please let Dr R know that we are thrilled and even though we endured 7, YES seven, losses in the 2 years of TTC. Once we stopped trying, it just happened. Another testimony for Dr Rosenfeld. 😊 She’s due in 5 months and she’s healthy. Praise God!! You’re welcome to share this on FB! I’m thankful and blessed to be another one of his success stories.

(NOTE: The photo above is after Alayna’s TR baby’s birth, click to read more)

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TR Baby Announcement | Teresa Poole

I just wanted to share the news of us finally getting our baby. I had my reversal two years ago and went through many miscarriages and surgeries, but we never lost hope …on March 29 we gave birth to a little boy, Luke Desmond Poole, 9 lbs, 8 oz.

Teresa Cortez Poole

Amanda Rodgers – Victoria, Texas

Last updated : 5 July 2017

Thank you, Dr Rosenfeld & staff, for our TR rainbow miracle! Meet Jessa Marie Rodgers, born 1/28/17!! We can’t THANK you enough!! We are so in love!!

Tubal Reversal performed 4/13/15; began trying to conceive 7/2015. We were pregnant within 6 months of trying to conceive. Unfortunately, we suffered a miscarriage. 5 months later we were pregnant again, this time with our sweet Jessa! With much prayer, Dr. Rosenfeld was truly God sent!

“Jessa’s onesie says it all!!”

Michelle Lopez – Tubal Reversal from Corpus Christi, Texas

Last updated : 29 August 2017

I would like to thank Dr. Bernard Rosenfeld for the blessing that he has made possible for us. After much research, I found that he would be the best doctor to have my tubal reversal done with.

I’m 40 years old and my tubes had been tied for 10 years. I had my reversal on December 1, 2014, and was pregnant by May of 2015. Today, I have a beautiful 1 year old! I can’t thank you enough!!

Michelle Andrea Lopez

Tessa Blaylock – Tubal Reversal from Sweeny,Texas

Last updated : 5 July 2017

I had my reversal October 28,2014 and in February 2015, I was pregnant. And had this beautiful baby boy on October 30,2015, almost an exact year later from my reversal. 😁 I then had my tubes tied again because he completes our family!


Carlotta Ramirez – Bryan, Texas

Last updated : 5 July 2017

Had my tubal reversal on 12/22/14. Dr. Rosenfeld’s staff was very, very nice and willing to answer the million questions me and my husband had.

I cannot thank Dr. Rosenfeld and his staff for everything they did to make me feel at ease and hopefully for what the future held for me and my family.

Thanks to Dr. Rosenfeld and his staff, I was blessed with a little boy on November 15, 2015.

Noah Lopez!

TR Baby Girl’s FIrst Christmas

Raegan’s 1st Christmas, thank you for our gift, Dr. Rosenfeld! (born June 1st)

Chas Plus Jes‎
Houston, TX

(via Facebook posts)

Lynn Mclain – Spring, Texas

Last updated : 21 February 2017

Our Tubal reversal baby turned 1 year old 01-20-17! I seriously THANK GOD every day for this little hunk and for trusting my gut to visit Dr. R ☺

Another Tubal Reversal Baby from Humble, Texas

Last updated : 19 July 2016

Our newest TR baby, thanks to this wonderful man [Dr. Rosenfeld] and his staff.


Megan Starr
Humble, TX

(See Megan’s first TR baby announcement.)

Tubal Reversal China – Houston Texas Testimonial – Mei Lu

Last updated : 23 January 2017

Tubal Reversal patient from China says:

Dr. Rosenfeld, because of your skilled hands, now our family has two healthy boys, Mason and Forrest. I was forced to be sterilized in China in 1996 due to its birth control policy. After me and my husband came to US, we really wanted to have kids. At first, we tried IVF procedure in 2005, but it was not successful.

We found you from the website and saw the instruction for this micro-tubal reconstruction procedure. We decided to try again. The tubal ligation reversal surgery was done perfectly, it also repaired the ugly scar I got in China, even though it’s been 10 years after the sterilization was performed on me. Miraculously, I had my successful tubal ligation reversal pregnancy with my first son Mason just 5 months after the tubal reversal procedure. Our second son Forrest is already 2 years old. I cannot imagine what our life would be if we did not meet you and get the tubal reversal procedure done by you. We cannot say enough well about you, Dr. Rosenfeld and this life changing tubal ligation reversal surgery.

Mei Lu

Tubal Ligation Reversal Patient From China now in Houston, Texas

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Tubal Reversal Humble, Texas – Roxie & Brandy Simmons

Last updated : 9 November 2017

My wife and I decided to have another child. But, my wife had her tubes tied since March of 2001. We contacted Dr. Rosenfeld’s office and after talking with them, we decided to have tubal reversal surgery! Dr. Rosenfeld and his staff were very nice and answered every question we had in his office. My wife had the reversal on May 4, and here it is, July 20, and she is seven weeks pregnant!!

Dr. Rosenfeld and his staff are so helpful and understanding that we decided to stay with them throughout the pregnancy. Highly recommend! Thank you!

[Picture added later after testimonial given. See birth announcement for Brandy and Roxie’s TR baby.]

Tubal Reversal Bushland, Tx – Lauren Holmes

Last updated : 20 May 2016

Dr. Rosenfeld completed my tubal reversal in March 2013. In August 2013, we learned we were expecting our little one. Our healthy baby boy, Jett Riley, was born April 17, 2014, weighing 7 pounds 13 ounces and 20 ½ inches long. We know he is a gift from God we began praying for long before his birth. Jett is an active fourth month old with the most beautiful blue eyes and a smile that will light up a room. We are so grateful for Dr. Rosenfeld’s expertise and the gift he was able to bless us with. He and his staff were so kind and accommodating throughout the entire process.


“I prayed for this child, and the LORD has granted me what I asked of him. So now I give him to the LORD. For his whole life he will be given over to the LORD.” (NIV) 1 Samuel 1:27–28