November 25, 2017


Patricia Ashley Has TR Twins!

Last updated : 14 November 2017

Love Dr. Rosenfeld and his staff.

Had my tubal reversal August 2016, my twins were born September 2017.

– Patricia Ashley

Margarita Alvarez – Tubal Reversal Testimonial

Last updated : 13 September 2017

We are proud to announce our second tubal reversal baby. He arrived June 15th, 2017 4 lbs. 14 oz., 18.5 inches, at 2:29 a.m. named Alejandro Alvarez, Jr. We would like to thank you again, Dr. Bernard Rosenfeld and staff, for giving us this joy to our family.

Margarita Alvarez

Naomi Clay – Tubal Reversal Testimonial

Last updated : 13 September 2017

Say hello to our precious baby girl!!! She is number 3 of my tubal reversal babies. She will be welcomed into the family by her big brothers. To be born during 2017 Thanksgiving.

Naomi Clay

Crystal Moreno – Tubal Reversal from Kyle, Texas

Last updated : 13 September 2017

Our 5th child, our first Tubal Reversal baby, is expected this Halloween (2017). After Dr. Rosenfeld did my Tubal reversal surgery in November of 2016. We can’t be more excited and thankful!!!!

A very special thanks to your entire team!!!

Crystal Moreno
Kyle, TX

Amanda Rodgers – Tubal Reversal From Victoria, Texas

Last updated : 13 September 2017

Thank you, Dr. Rosenfeld! We have a very BIG surprise! Our Tubal reversal baby number 2 is due 12/14/2017 and it’s a BOY! Our tubal reversal number 1 GIRL was recently born 01/28/2017. We will have Irish twins (2 siblings born in the very same year). Wwe are thrilled and can’t thank you enough for such a successful surgery! Our family is truly blessed. You and your wonderful staff were a “God send” we will keep you updated.

Martha Robin – Tubal Reversal from Uvalde, Texas

Last updated : 13 September 2017

Meet Miss Willow. The good lord blessed this family! Had my tubal reversal surgery on 05/12/2015. Thank you, Dr. Rosenfeld, for doing a great job in surgery and giving me the chance to be mommy to this little miracle!

Martha Robin
Uvalde, Texas

Juanita Guerrero Zapata – Tubal Reversal from Lufkin, Texas

Last updated : 13 September 2017

My tubal reversal babies’ first day of school. Had my surgery in 2008, have 2 babies and my tubal reversal baby #3 is arriving on October 9th via Cesarean section. Thanks, Dr. Rosenfeld, for my 3 blessings.

Juanita Guerrero Zapata
Lufkin, TX

Shayna Brewer – Tubal Reversal from Denton, Texas

Last updated : 29 August 2017

My experience with Dr. Rosenfeld and his staff was amazing. They were very professional and cared about my health first before we made any decision. They kept in constant contact before and after the surgery. I’m so happy that he made our dreams come true.

Had my tubal reversal surgery on 08/16/2016 and now I have my baby girl Genesis Brewer.

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Travonya McBride – Tubal Reversal from Dallas, Texas

Last updated : 29 August 2017

I cannot thank Dr. Rosenfeld and his team enough for giving me and my family a second chance on having a baby. Dr. Rosenfeld team is awesome. I became pregnant in July 2016 after my reversal in April 2016. Had to have surgery in August 2016 because it was a tubal pregnancy. Was pregnant again in October and this time God blessed us with a little girl (Kennedy Cudjoe) in June 13th, 2017.

Ladies don’t ever think that because your tubes are tied there is no hope because there is and Dr. Rosenfeld and his team proved it to me. Their price is affordable and they don’t have hidden fees like most places I called. Thank you guys so much.

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Alayna Sepulveda | My Tubal Reversal Story

Last updated : 20 September 2017

From Alayna from a Facebook message, 3/12/17:
Hello. 2-1/2 years later I am finally expecting. Just found out yesterday that it’s a GIRL. Please let Dr R know that we are thrilled and even though we endured 7, YES seven, losses in the 2 years of TTC. Once we stopped trying, it just happened. Another testimony for Dr Rosenfeld. 😊 She’s due in 5 months and she’s healthy. Praise God!! You’re welcome to share this on FB! I’m thankful and blessed to be another one of his success stories.

(NOTE: The photo above is after Alayna’s TR baby’s birth, click to read more)

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Tubal Reversal Testimonial from Elizabeth Adams

Last updated : 26 July 2017

I just want to thank you Dr. Bernard Rosenfeld!

I had my tubal reversal in March of 2013 and had my beautiful baby girl 12-16-2015! Zoey Dene’ Adams.

She did have to have heart surgery on 12-22-15 so she is definitely my miracle baby! She is doing really well! Thank you!


Tubal Reversal New Mexico – Sara Griego

Last updated : 29 August 2017

The care I received from Dr. Rosenfeld and his staff was outstanding. The tubal reversal procedure was easy, as well as recovery. Unbelievable how quick I was able to get pregnant!!

Sara Griego

Tubal Reversal Kentucky Testimonial – Melanie Wade-Doty

Last updated : 23 January 2017

Tubal Ligation Reversal patient  from Kentucky says:

Dr.Rosenfeld’s cost is well under every other tubal ligation reversal doctor I have researched over the last 10 years. By the grace of God and a great doctor my tubal ligation reversal worked. I now have 5 children, and three of those are tubal reversal babies….we got a set of twins!!!


Melanie Wade-Doty

Tubal Ligation Reversal Patient From Kentucky

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Tubal Reversal Texas – Monica Moreno

Last updated : 19 July 2016

I had such an amazing experience with my tubal reversal surgery.
We did our surgery in March 2013 and got pregnant in July 2013.
I had our beautiful baby boy at 6 lbs 13 oz he is 6 months now and is right at 23 lbs.
He’s so healthy, and such a calm baby.
Now right at 40 years old I’m pregnant again baby is due June 5th 2015.
I’m so happy and excited.

Thank you Dr. Rosenfeld!

Tubal Reversal Humble, Texas – Roxie & Brandy Simmons

Last updated : 9 November 2017

My wife and I decided to have another child. But, my wife had her tubes tied since March of 2001. We contacted Dr. Rosenfeld’s office and after talking with them, we decided to have tubal reversal surgery! Dr. Rosenfeld and his staff were very nice and answered every question we had in his office. My wife had the reversal on May 4, and here it is, July 20, and she is seven weeks pregnant!!

Dr. Rosenfeld and his staff are so helpful and understanding that we decided to stay with them throughout the pregnancy. Highly recommend! Thank you!

[Picture added later after testimonial given. See birth announcement for Brandy and Roxie’s TR baby.]