Tubal Reversal Patients You Can Contact Directly

These patients of Dr. Rosenfeld have shared their tubal reversal stories and offered their emails so that you may reach out directly to them with your questions.

picture of Christi Marchant's tr baby she had after her Essure Reversal

Christi Marchant – Essure Reversal Testimonial

Why We Chose Essure A few years ago my husband and I had our third child. After her birth, we felt like we had a perfect and complete family – two amazing little boys and a sweet little baby girl. We chose a permanent method of birth control called Essure. Never in a million years…
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6-month-old tubal reversal baby girl born to Kathy Scott of La Porte, Texas

Tubal Reversal Baby Pictures – Kathy Scott – La Porte, Texas

It was such a fantastic experience! Dr. Rosenfeld did a wonderful job and his office staff was so friendly, making me feel so comfortable. I had  no pain with the aid of the pain pump. I did conceive from the tubal reversal and had a beautiful child. Here is a picture of our baby, Mia Ashlynn,…
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karla davis' tubal reversal baby girl

Karla Davis – Houston, Texas

I was very pleased with Dr. Rosenfeld and how wonderful the experience was.  Dr. Rosenfeld was great and very upfront, open, and informative. The office staff was wonderful, constantly treating you like family.  I was back on my feet that day and so blessed with my child! Karla Davis Houston, Texas Email me at klc_2169@yahoo.com.
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Adelicia Ochoa – Houston, Texas

Adelicia Ochoa – Houston, Texas

Hello doctor Bernard, I’m extremely pleased to introduce you to my baby boy, Jeremy. My tubal reversal surgery with you was in February and became pregnant the following month in March! I’m so happy and emotional about my fine and lucky results. Thank you so much doctor and your sweet staff!!   Adelicia Ochoa Houston, TX Contact…
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tubal reversal baby girl photo collage

Tubal Reversal Baby – Kelly Calle Mazal – Austin, Texas

My tubal reversal was done in January 2012. After waiting 6 months to try to get pregnant, we were very lucky and  conceived our precious GEM, Gracelyn Elisabeth Mazal, on the first try which is amazing because I am 36. Here is Gracelyn enjoying her first swim. Thank you, Dr. Rosenfeld! If you have any…
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tubal reversal baby born to the Ponders of Houston, Texas

Zerrick & Erica Ponder | Tubal Reversal | Houston, Texas

Who knew that our life could change so much in 1 year!?! I want to introduce to you our new addition: We welcomed our son, Tyberius Octavian Alexander Ponder, to our family on 12/28/12. He was 6 lbs 4 oz. We had our reversal in March 5, 2012, and had our son December 28, 2012.…
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Naomi Clay shares ultrasound of Tubal reversal baby number 3

Naomi Clay – Tubal Reversal Testimonial

Say hello to our precious baby girl!!! She is number 3 of my tubal reversal babies. She will be welcomed into the family by her big brothers [our first 2 TR babies]. To be born during 2017 Thanksgiving. Naomi Clay Elgin, OK Contact me at Clayn11@yahoo.com. UPDATE December 2017:  Without your help, we would not…
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Rios family of Houston, Texas with their 2 tubal reversal babies

Magdalena Rios – Houston, Texas

Before my tubal reversal, I was blessed with three children. And after remarrying, I couldn’t help but want another child. I knew my chances were low, but I undoubtedly gave it a go. Dr. Rosenfeld reversed my tubal ligation and I was pregnant six months later. I am thrilled to say I conceived two tubal reversal…
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Urania Sanders brings her tubal reversal baby to visit Dr. Rosenfeld's office in Houston, Texas

Urania Sanders – Houston, Texas

Never have I ever been to an office where they spent so much time with a patient. Dr. Rosenfeld and his staff were constantly checking on me, answering my questions and making me feel right at home. It was a great, wonderful procedure and about a month and a half later I was expecting! I was happy…
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Sandra hopes of houston tx shares her tubal reversal twins

Sandra Hopes – Houston, Texas

Dr. Rosenfeld is very patient and he came to visit me a lot after surgery. The staff is great and did follow-up; called me to make sure I was okay.  It was very worth every penny and I’m beyond glad I did it.  I was blessed with beautiful healthy TWINS from the surgery! Sandra Hopes Houston,…
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