Essure Tubal Reversal Patients’ Stories

Read Essure tubal reversal stories from Dr. Rosenfeld’s patients.

Christi Marchant – Essure Reversal Testimonial

Dr. Rosenfeld Performs Successful Essure Reversals

christi marchant's tr baby after essure reversalOriginally, we were told our only option to have another child was IVF. Upon research, we discovered that a few doctors were having some favorable results actually reversing the Essure procedure. We researched for doctors that had successfully performed Essure reversals, and ultimately chose Dr. Rosenfeld for this complicated reversal. His impeccable reputation as a surgeon, the phone consultation he provided, as well as the kindness and attention his staff gave us helped us to make this difficult decision.

We could not be happier with our results! We became pregnant just four months after the Essure reversal and had our little rainbow baby in June. This beautiful, happy-go-lucky little girl is such a joy to our family and has brought new hope to us. Her brothers dote on her and her always-ready sunshine smile helps us keep our hearts light.

When our Ob/Gyn finished delivering our TR baby via C-section, she looked at the surgery sites where each of my fallopian tubes meet my uterus (where Essure is placed and causes scar tissue) and said the repair looked beautiful and both fallopian tubes were wide open! A testament to a talented surgeon.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Dr. Rosenfeld and staff. You were an answer to our prayers.

Christi Marchant
Aladdin, Wyoming
(testimonial received via Facebook post)

See Christi’s tubal reversal pregnancy announcement.

Essure Tubal Reversal Testimonial | Aladdin, Wyoming

Dear Dr. Rosenfeld and Staff,

Christi Marchant – Essure Reversal TestimonialMy husband and I are from Aladdin, WY. In January, our third child, a beautiful baby girl, was born perfect and healthy. We couldn’t have been happier; our family of five felt perfect and complete. A few months down the road, as we were considering birth control options, the doctor informed us about Essure. This non-surgical, non-hormone, cost effective option seemed perfect. We went ahead with it, never imagining that there would ever be any reason to make us reconsider. Why would we when our little family was just right, and we were so happy?

A little over a year later on September 9, our perfect baby girl left us to walk with Jesus. With very little warning or symptoms, her appendix burst and her tiny body succumbed to sepsis very quickly. The doctors and staff worked so hard to help her, but our little angel flew to heaven. I can tell you there is nothing worse than losing a child. It hurts so badly that it truly feels as though your heart is breaking.

After several months, our boys began to question us about having another baby. The thought of a new precious miracle in our lives grew in our hearts quickly, and we began to look at what our options were. When I had gotten the Essure, the doctor had been very specific that it could not be reversed. With our first phone calls, we were told our only option was in vitro fertilization (IVF). As we researched that, it just didn’t seem like a great option for us. However, I stumbled on a website that advertised actual reversal of the Essure, and we were so excited! Within a short period, we had narrowed our doctor down to you, and your staff was able to work with me and schedule us in quite quickly.

In April we were on your doorstep, hoping for a successful surgery and that a 35% chance of conception would be enough. We are so thrilled to write this letter and tell you THANK YOU!

Because of all of your dedication and hard work, we are expecting a baby girl on July 6! My C-section is tentatively scheduled for one week before her due date. We’ve just had our anatomy scan, and she is perfect. A baby is a blessing any time, but this baby had come at a time when we really needed some joy in our lives. Our boys are really planning all the things they will teach her and how they will take care of her.We miss our sweet, sassy little Reese every minute of every day. She left a never-ending ache in our hearts and an empty spot in our lives. However, you all worked together to provide our family with the opportunity for new hope in our lives, and we are ever so grateful for that. We just can’t thank you enough. We’ll send a photo after she’s born! May God bless you all.

Christi Marchant
Aladdin, Wyoming
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UPDATE: See the latest TR baby testimonial from Christi Marchant, where, as promised, she sent a photo of her TR baby.

Essure Reversal: Successful Pregnancy in 40 Yr Old Patient

at age 40 with only a 10% chance of conceiving, sarah blood had tubal reversal baby after essure reversalPatient came from Utah to Dr. Rosenfeld in Houston for Tubal Reversal

Hi! Dr. Rosenfeld did an Essure reversal on me last year (10/19). We delivered a healthy baby girl on 11/19.

With my age (I just turned 40) and it being an Essure reversal, he told us maybe a 10% chance of conception. We found out we were expecting 5½ months after the reversal.  She is our 6th child.

Just wanted to pass along.

Sarah Blood
Wellsville, Utah

I Had 2 Babies After Essure Reversal

2 boys playing at a water table that were born after their mother had an essure reversal

Dr. Rosenfeld did my Essure reversal in August 2015.

Had my first boy in June 2017.

And my second in March 2019.

Thank you for all your help!


Jennifer Velez

Essure Reversal – Recuperación Rápida

dr rosenfeld's patients have rapid recovery from essure reversalsFrom Google review:

La mejor experiencia con el doctor!! Tengo una recuperación muy rápida y sin mucho dolor. Lo recomiendo al 💯. Estuve en las mejores manos!! Gracias, Dr. Bernard Rosenfeld!! Essure reversal!!!!

V Drip

Elizabeth Lopez – Essure Reversal

elizabeth lopez recovered well with no pain after her essure reversal with doctor rosenfeldFrom Facebook Review:
He [Dr. Rosenfeld] did really good work!! He did my Essure reversal and I don’t have any pain.

Thank you!!

Elizabeth Lopez
Houston, TX

Essure Reversal Relieves Pain & Now Pregnant

essure reversal relieves essure painFrom a Facebook review:

I had an Essure reversal done in December 2016 by Dr. Rosenfeld and it went great. Had no real pain at all, recovery went fast, and the scar is barley noticeable.

My husband and I decided to do the reversal to get rid of all the pain the Essure was causing which was our main goal. It has been “checked off”, since I no longer feel the pain Essure would give me.

At the same time we wanted another baby, and I am proud to say that God has answered our prayers because I am 4 weeks pregnant.

Noemi Balon
Killeen, TX

Daniela Nolazco – Successful Essure Reversal

daniel nolazco's tubal reversal pregnancy-announcement

Had my Essure removed in July of 2021.

Found out July of 2022, I am pregnant.

Expecting a baby boy!!

Daniela Nolazco
Galveston, Texas

UPDATE May 2023:

Milliano D’Nyco is an Essure reversal baby!

He is 2 weeks today! We welcomed Milliano on April 21, 2023. His weight was 8 lbs.

I encourage every family that is considering in having Essure reversal or tubal reversal to trust Dr. Rosenfeld. You are definitely in great hands.

Thank you again!

Daniela & Mike Reyes
Galveston, TX

milliano reyes essure baby born to the reyes family of galveston texas