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Last updated : 5 June 2016

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– Maximum two reversal surgeries per day.  
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When you choose a Tubal Reversal Doctor, consider the following:

  • Tubal reversal surgery is a very challenging and labor intensive surgery. It requires great skill, attention to detail and years of experience. Be sure the doctor you choose for your tubal reversal has the skill and experience to ensure your success. Choose a doctor who has performed thousands of successful tubal reversal surgeries.
  • Dye testing the tubes at the time of the surgery is essential to make sure they are water tight. Verify with the doctor you choose that dye testing will be included.
Dr. Bernard Rosenfeld specializes in tubal reversal. His 30 years of experience produces a success rate of more than 80%, based on real live births, not just pregnancies. Dr. Rosenfeld has the technique, the tools and the team to make your tubal reversal a gratifying experience.
Technique – Dr. Rosenfeld is the only infertility specialist who provides advanced tubal reversal surgery using sutures used in plastic surgery techniques. He performs only two tubal reversal procedures per day to ensure he and his surgical staff can attend to every detail including answering your questions fully.
The Best Team Is On Your Side!
Optimal medical care is a partnership – a team approach between physician, patients, nurses and staff. It is based on mutual respect, trust and courtesy. Our patients receive highly competent and professional care, along with personal consideration for the individual. This healthy partnership can only mean improved healthcare for you.

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Dr. Rosenfeld offers tubal reversal surgery at a low all-inclusive price with no hidden fees. The fee covers all office visits, surgical fees, and other required surgery-related procedures, such as detailed pelvic ultrasound, hysteroscopy and the removal of polyps, fibroids or cysts, which can lead to infertility in the future.

Tools Ultra-fine 10-0 sutures, like the ones used in delicate eye surgeries, and state-of-the-art adhesion prevention barriers, greatly reduce trauma to your body and the risk of adhesion. These techniques promote rapid healing and contribute to very best success.

Dr. Rosenfeld also uses the advanced On-Q PainBuster pain management system preferred by the most elite surgical hospitals. Minimizing pain with the On-Q PainBuster, helps you quickly resume your normal activities after surgery.

Team Your surgery will be performed by an elite surgical team. One of the best surgical assistants at the Texas Medical Center, Dr. Harold Galdamez, works side by side with Dr. Rosenfeld. Dr. Galdamez has extensive training in microsurgery received during his Fellowship Training at the Texas Heart Institute and during his tenure as a Cardiovascular Surgeon in Guatemala.

The highly specialized nursing staff is very well prepared to answer your questions and advise you about nutrition, exercise and other parts of a whole health approach to conception, birth and overall well-being.