Tubal Reversal Patients With Long TTC

We hope these tubal reversal stories from Dr. Rosenfeld’s patients who kept the faith and had babies with reversal in spite of their long time to conceive (TTC) will give you hope.


beautiful baby girl born 3 years after tubal reversal gave bridget smith of lumberton texas a second chance at motherhood

Dr. Rosenfeld Offers Second Chance at Motherhood

After having my reversal, I immediately went to tracking ovulation. The second month of trying I suffered a miscarriage. In Nov. 2017, I again suffered another miscarriage at 7 weeks. After 3 years, in July 2018, I finally said I give up. Figured it would never happen for me. I stopped tracking everything. I was…
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codie wolf flew from illinois to texas for her tubal reversal and 4 years later she has her first tubal reversal baby

TR Baby Arrives After a Long Wait

FACEBOOK Update, January 2021: We flew to Texas from Illinois in 2016! We got pregnant multiple times! They ended in miscarriages! For almost 2 years, I didn’t become pregnant again! Then out of nowhere I got a positive test and kept getting them! We welcomed our tubal reversal rainbow baby on November 30, 2020! Don’t…
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brandy cartwright's 2 tubal reversal babies after surgery with dr bernard rosenfeld

The Journey to My TR Babies

My tubal reversal was 3/2014. 5 months trying natural, 3 rounds of Clomid, 2 chemical pregnancies & finally a successful pregnancy with the help of progesterone on the 8th month. She’s now 5. 16 total months of trying: 7 with just Metformin, 9 with Metformin and Clomid, the other months natural & on the 16th…
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jenn pena's tubal reversal baby girl at 3 years old

Tubal Reversal Pregnancy After 3 Years

Currently 6 months pregnant at the age of 40. Dr. Rosenfeld did my surgery 3 years ago after they were tied for 12 years. I had 4 miscarriages and now we are awaiting our rainbow baby girl. 😍 Thank you. Jenn Pena San Antonio, TX UPDATE From Facebook Messenger, December 2019: Well worth the money. Our…
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tubal reversal baby of bathsheba shelton of houston is now 2 and sitting on a red tricycle wearing overalls

Meet My 2-Year-Old Tubal Reversal Toddler

Dr Rosenfeld is the best! I was young when I decided to not have anymore children. Remarrying, my husband did not have any and wanted a child. After waiting 7 years, we finally decided to research tubal reversal. I came across Dr Rosenfeld and could not shake this doctor as I kept going back to…
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hon do tubal reversal baby girl born in 2018 after her tubal reversal surgery in 2015

Hon Do’s Tubal Reversal Baby Girl

From Facebook Messenger: Hello, Dr. and staff. I got my tubal reversal in 2015. I got pregnant July of 2018 with a baby girl. It has been a long road for us, but we never gave up and miracles really do happen. Thank you, Dr., for giving us our baby girl, Mia. Hon Do
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tr baby born almost 3 years to tania rodriguez

First TR Baby Born Almost 3 Years After Tubal Reversal

We’d like to say THANK YOU!!!! It took us a little while and a few tries (dad had low and slow movers) but WE DID IT!! Dr. Bernard Rosenfeld and his team were not only friendly and highly informed on the procedure and process, they were sensitive to our TTC (trying to conceive) journey/story. We…
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