The Journey to My TR Babies

brandy cartwright's 2 tubal reversal babies after surgery with dr bernard rosenfeld

My tubal reversal was 3/2014.

  • 5 months trying natural, 3 rounds of Clomid, 2 chemical pregnancies & finally a successful pregnancy with the help of progesterone on the 8th month. She’s now 5.
  • 16 total months of trying: 7 with just Metformin, 9 with Metformin and Clomid, the other months natural & on the 16th month we were successful with the help of progesterone. 1 chemical pregnancy.

I learned I have PCOS after my reversal and very rarely ovulate on my own. I had a total of 5 losses trying to have my 4 children.

We now have 4 kiddos and our family is officially complete (again 😉).

A good friend of mine is now scheduled with Dr. Rosenfeld after seeing my success. Can’t wait to hear her story! ❤️

Brandy Cartwright
Houston, TX