Meet My 2-Year-Old Tubal Reversal Toddler

tubal reversal baby of bathsheba shelton of houston is now 2 and sitting on a red tricycle wearing overalls

Dr Rosenfeld is the best! I was young when I decided to not have anymore children. Remarrying, my husband did not have any and wanted a child. After waiting 7 years, we finally decided to research tubal reversal.

I came across Dr Rosenfeld and could not shake this doctor as I kept going back to him in my mind. Consultations went by and I was a good candidate. They did my consultation over the phone as I worked out of state.

I had my reversal done in May of 2015. I couldn’t get pregnant as I was always out of town from Houston working and stressing. The staff was so supportive and encouraging!

After coming home, July of 2016, I decided to consult a fertility specialist and my tubes were still open. I finally got pregnant in October 2016!!!!! Tears of joy!!!

Meet my now 2 year old!

Bathsheba Shelton
Houston, TX