3rd TR Baby Born After a Year Of Trying to Conceive

after a year of trying to conceive juanita zapata's third tubal reversal baby was born in oct 2017

Wanna thank Doctor Rosenfeld for my 3rd miracle tubal reversal baby born 10-09-17.

After trying for a year to get pregnant, our 3rd TR baby is here.

Juanita Zapata
Lufkin, TX
Email me at cisco.zapata@yahoo.com.

See Juanita’s first 2 tubal reversal babies, now in school.


Got my tubes untied back in 2008.

Got pregnant in 3 months.

Now I have 3 beautiful babies from the surgery.

Juanita Zapata
Lufkin, TX

juanita zapata selfie in the car with her 3 children born after tubal reversal surgery by doctor rosenfeld