Alayna Sepulveda | My Tubal Reversal Story

From Alayna from a Facebook message, 3/12/17: 
Hello. 2-1/2 years later I am finally expecting. Just found out yesterday that it’s a GIRL. Please let Dr. R. know that we are thrilled and even though we endured 7, YES seven, losses in the 2 years of TTC [trying to conceive]. Once we stopped trying, it just happened. Another testimony for Dr. Rosenfeld.
She’s due in 5 months and she’s healthy. Praise God!! You’re welcome to share this on FB! I’m thankful and blessed to be another one of his success stories.
Alayna Sepulveda | My Tubal Reversal Story
Followup from a Facebook message, 3/15/17: Tell Dr. R. that I apologize for any frustration I had in the last 2.5 years…he said it would happen and it did.
After 7 consecutive losses, it just didn’t feel that way…but it finally did happen and I owe him a big thank you Here is a 4-month photo or our TR baby girl.

UPDATE September 2017:

Read more about TR baby birth announcement for Praise Ryan.

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