Alayna Sepulveda Tubal Reversal Baby Birth Announcement

after 7 miscarriages, our beautiful native american tr baby girl is born

It has been 2 years 9 months and 22 days ago since my tubal reversal! And after 7 losses (yes! 7 consecutive miscarriages), here’s my 8th TR pregnancy and rainbow baby! We welcomed PRAISE (as in “Praise God”) last name RYAN into the world September 1st 2017. She is a healthy 5 pound Native American baby girl.

Thank you, Doctor Rosenfeld, for using your hands to fix me and for helping in blessing us with this tiny miracle ❤.

Alayna Sepulveda

See Alayna’s tubal reversal journey.


Happy Valentine’s Day, Dr. R. and staff.


first valentines day for tubal reversal baby praise ryan born to alayna sepulvada
alayna ryan's tubal reversal baby girl named praise at 10 months

UPDATE June 2018:

Left y’all a review. Here’s an updated picture of Praise. 🙂