Amanda Rodgers – Tubal Reversal From Victoria, Texas

Amanda Rodgers – Victoria, TexasThank you, Dr. Rosenfeld! We have a very BIG surprise! Our tubal reversal baby number 2 is due 12/14/2017 and it’s a BOY! Our tubal reversal number 1 GIRL was recently born 01/28/2017. We will have Irish twins (2 siblings born in the very same year).

We are thrilled and can’t thank you enough for such a successful surgery! Our family is truly blessed. You and your wonderful staff were a “God send”. We will keep you updated.

Jess & Amanda Rodgers
Victoria, TX

amanda rodgers irish-twin tubal reversal babies enjoying summer in the baby pool



The Irish twins are here! From Facebook Messenger:

Thank you, Dr. Rosenfeld. These are our 2 TR babies exactly 10 months apart!!!! A little update for you & your wonderful staff!!!

Jessa 1/28/17 & Jess 12/5/17!!!!

My TR was performed 4/13/15. May God continue to bless you and your practice Dr. Rosenfeld along with your staff!!! ♥️

Thank you!!!

Jess & Amanda Rodgers