Angie Medina Has 3 Children After Tubal Reversal

From Facebook, 9/17/2012:

I had my tubal reversal done on July 18, 2012, and am now 7 weeks pregnant.

I had a sonogram done last Friday and everything looks good we heard my baby’s heart beat.

I want to thank you all for such a wonderful job you do. But especially I want to thank Dr. Rosenfeld for helping us make our wish come true.

Angie L Medina

angie medina 2 tubal reversal babies
angie medina with her 5 children plus third tubal reversal baby on the way

From Facebook, 4/14/2019:

Dr. Rosenfeld, we are pleased to announce to you we are expecting our 3rd tubal reversal baby.

I am 10 weeks pregnant 😍😍😍


Angie Medina