Ashlee Williams’ Tubal Reversal Story

ultrasound images of ashley williams tubal reversal pregnancyI had a tubal reversal with Dr Rosenfeld in June of 2017, and I’m currently pregnant and will be delivering a sweet baby girl on November 28th. I wanted to share my story.

I had a tubal ligation 8 years ago during my previous marriage, after my second child was born. He and I eventually divorced. Years later my current husband and I reconnected. We had been friends long before my ex-husband and I had met, but lost touch. He and I fell in love and got married.

After a lot of discussion, we decided we wanted to have the tubal ligation reversed so we could try to have a child of our own. We did SOOO much research on doctors that performed tubal reversals, the procedure, risks, recovery, even compared I.V.F. cost and success compared to tubal reversal. We researched for about a year and a half total before we decided on Dr. Rosenfeld after reading success stories from his procedure.

The reversal procedure wasn’t 100% guaranteed successful and we knew the odds weren’t completely in our favor. Neither were our finances. We were cautioned that there was a possibility we wouldn’t get pregnant, and someone we knew even told us it probably wouldn’t happen at all. We didn’t let any of that discourage us. We knew what we were up against, but we also knew how big our God is and how badly we wanted this baby. After we managed to save the money, and after so many tests, a horribly painful biopsy, ultrasound, trips to the doctor in the Houston Med Center, and countless other complications, we scheduled the surgery for June of 2017.

It went perfectly, I healed perfectly, and we were so excited for the possibility of having a baby of our own. We were cleared to try to conceive in August, and we succeeded! We had our first positive pregnancy test in our first month of trying. We were over the moon! Our prayers had been answered and all of the trials and pain were at an end. September rolled around and in rolled Hurricane Harvey and all of the horrible flooding and devastation it caused our area. We stayed glued to the news for days before the storm hit, watched as wave after wave of heavy rain came, watched the water rise and prayed it wouldn’t reach our house, and stressed for a week with 3 children stuck inside, bored out of their minds. A few days later, after the rain slowed and the water began receding, I had a miscarriage. The first one I’ve ever had. I was absolutely devastated.

I felt I had let my husband down and my body had betrayed me. I won’t pretend I didn’t question God and why he would let this happen, after all we had been through. Our prayers had been answered so many times, and He had brought us so far. He made a way with our finances, guided us to a very skillful doctor, the surgery went perfectly just as we prayed for, and then our ultimate goal, a baby. An answered prayer, a gift from God….was lost. I beat myself up, cried, prayed, pleaded with God. What had I done wrong? Why had this pregnancy failed? What was God trying to teach me? What is there to be learned by taking away that sweet, innocent baby from my body? And after that series of answered prayers?! Well, I definitely learned several things from that experience.

God showed me that I was stronger than I knew. He showed me a new appreciation for my kids. I love and adore my kids, and my boys have been with me through some of the hardest times in my life. My kids are my light and my strength. But I now looked at them in a raw, true, more appreciative light. I saw what TRUE miracles they are. All 3 of them (soon to be 4). I learned to slow down and really appreciate the small moments with them, their rambling conversations, their quirks, their charms, so many things. I also learned just HOW DEEPLY my husband absolutely loves and adores me. How much strength he has, even through all of that pain and confusion we were both experiencing. Even in his own pain, he picked me up so many times and encouraged me, gave me hope, and showed me endless love. I’ve never loved and been loved so deeply. He wouldn’t let me give up hope and encouraged me to keep trying. I knew that after a miscarriage, our chances were even more slim to have a successful pregnancy, and our chances for another miscarriage or even an ectopic pregnancy were increased. Still, we persevered and kept praying. We started attending church at Moss Hill UPC. We knew this is where we belonged, where our family belonged.

I put a prayer for a successful pregnancy in the prayer request basket at church, with lots of “encouragement” from my mom. LOL. Then 2 weeks later, March 22nd of this year, I found out that I was pregnant, but I had a hard time being excited or happy about it. I was terrified of another miscarriage, but in my heart God was telling me “This is it! This is your answered prayer! Have faith and trust Me!”

I was cautiously optimistic. In my heart of hearts, I knew everything was going to be alright, but still I was cautious. As the months went on with perfect doctor’s appointments, perfect blood work, perfect ultrasounds, I became more and more comfortable and encouraged, and here we are with this beautiful miracle, our “rainbow baby”, on her way here to join our family. Our gift from God in so many ways.

God brought us through quite the storm (literally and physically in more ways than one) and strengthened our faith in Him, strengthened our family, our marriage, and we have learned to depend and trust in God more than ever, as well as each other as a family. We are TRULY so very blessed and favored, and so thankful for a skilled doctor like Dr. Rosenfeld and his staff ❤! God has been so good to us!

Ashlee Williams


beautiful professional photo of ashlee williamss tubal reversal baby girlFACEBOOK MESSAGE UPDATE, December 2018:

Our sweet tubal reversal, rainbow baby 😍 thank you again!

Ashlee Williams