Crystal Bartee –Tubal Reversal from Ennis, TX

the bartee families had 2 tubal reversal babiesMy tubal reversal surgery was amazing!!!! My surgery was done 02/05/2014 and everyone in Dr. Rosenfeld’s office was extremely knowledgeable and answered all my questions (even some I forgot to ask)! I couldn’t have asked for anything to go better.

Thank you so much for my little girl!!!!! She is now 19 months old!!! Braelynn Bartee.  I had another baby!!! This time a boy! Billy Bartee. We are super ecstatic and didn’t even think 1 was possible let alone 2!!!!

Thank you, Jesus, and the amazing team at Dr. Rosenfeld’s office. I have told sooo many people about my journey and given so many hopes for an extended family. Sorry, but you will probably be real busy soon hahaha. Thanks again!!!

Crystal Bartee
Ennis, TX
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