First TR Baby Born Almost 3 Years After Tubal Reversal

tr baby born almost 3 years to tania rodriguezWe’d like to say THANK YOU!!!! It took us a little while and a few tries (dad had low and slow movers) but WE DID IT!!

Dr. Bernard Rosenfeld and his team were not only friendly and highly informed on the procedure and process, they were sensitive to our TTC (trying to conceive) journey/story. We felt we were in good hands from the moment we had our first consultation. The procedure was quick and recovery was fast, too. Everything I needed for pre- and post-surgery was taken care of and all affordable.

tania rodriguez has tr baby almost 3 years after her tubal reversal surgeryWe did succeed at getting pregnant immediately after the reversal, but suffered a few miscarriages due to some unexplained infertility. BUT after seeing a RE (reproductive endocrinologist) and getting our health and fertility fully assessed, we found that with a few supplements and a change in lifestyle eating habits, we succeeded.

And now have a beautiful baby girl. Baby Ophelia was born just a few weeks ago and we have Dr. Bernard Rosenfeld to thank for being a huge part in our success to conceive our newbie.

I had my reversal in May 2016. Our baby, Ophelia, was born Feb. 15, 2019.

We are overjoyed with her!

Thank you for all of your support.

Tania Rodriguez
Katy, TX