Jennifer Hagy – Tubal Reversal Story

3d ultrasound of tubal reversal baty due may 2018 to jennifer hagy of pomona california

From Facebook Messenger:

Had reversal 4 years ago…2 miscarriages…but this bundle is due May 11th via C-section.

He’s 8 lbs, 9 oz already!!

Thank you again for this miracle.

Jennifer Hagy
Pomona, CA

UPDATE May 11, 2018:

He’s here! (Photo on right.)

tubal reversal baty born on may 11 2018 to jennifer hagy of pomona california
jennifer hagy in an instagram pic with her tubal reversal baby

UPDATE November 2018 from Facebook post:

I’m so thankful for the chance to have this miracle

Jennifer Hagy

UPDATE January 2020 from Facebook post:

2nd TR baby.. born January 4th

Jennifer Hagy
Pomona, CA

second tubal reversal baby for jennifer hagy born january 2020 after mtr surgery by dr bernard rosenfeld