Lisa Ray – 2 Perfect Tubal Reversal Babies

I can’t thank you enough for my boys! You did my reversal 2/20/2015 and my first TR baby was born 6/2016. Then we were blessed with our second just 3 weeks ago!

Our boys are absolutely perfect and I owe all that to you!!! Thank you for our blessings!!

Lisa Ray
The Woodlands, TX

Tubes tied after baby #5 on 2/26/2005.

TR on 2/20/15 ( I was tied for ten!!! years )

TR baby #1 born 6/22/16. TR baby #2 born 7/26/18!!

Blessed to be a momma of SEVEN amazing kiddos.

They are 2 years apart, but everyone thinks they are twins!!!

Lisa Ray
The Woodlands, TX

lisa ray's 2 tubal reversal babies in car seats