Tubal Reversal Houston Texas Testimonial – L. B.

ultrasound of pregnant Tubal Reversal patient lucero benavides of Houston TexasI came to Dr. Rosenfeld after doing research on the Internet and found all the amazing things others had to say about Dr. Rosenfeld and his remarkable staff. After meeting with Dr. Rosenfeld, he was very honest and he let me know that my chances were small, but without my tubal reversal surgery my chances were ZERO.

I’m 40 years old and had my tubes tied in 2000. I had my reversal August 5, 2012, and found out on December 6, 2012, that I was 6 weeks pregnant!! I’m SO grateful I made the decision to have the surgery with Dr. Rosenfeld. I will keep you all posted!

Lucero Benavides
Houston, TX
Contact me at lucero_bnvdz@yahoo.com.

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