Tubal Reversal College Station TX – Martha Mendoza

Martha Mendoza and her tubal reversal daughter elicaliaHello, my name is Martha Mendoza. My husband, Aurelio Mendoza, and my tubal reversal daughter, Elicalia Mendoza, and I, give a very special thanks to Dr. Rosenfeld’s help.

When I came here, my tubes were tied for about 10 years but I wanted to have a baby, so I came here to the doctor and thank God my dream came true, and now here is my baby is now 2 years old and is very healthy, very cute and a dream I never thought it could be possible, but I did it.

I’m very happy thinking about the wonderful things the doctor do, giving happiness to people. Thank you very much, Dr. Rosenfeld.

Martha Mendoza
College Station, TX