Naomi Clay – Tubal Reversal Testimonial

Naomi Clay shares ultrasound of Tubal reversal baby number 3

Say hello to our precious baby girl!!!

She is number 3 of my tubal reversal babies. She will be welcomed into the family by her big brothers [our first 2 TR babies]. To be born during 2017 Thanksgiving.

Naomi Clay
Elgin, OK
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UPDATE December 2017: 

Without your help, we would not have had these 3 precious babies. My oldest Dominic is 4, Kamren is 2 and Millie just turned 1 month. Thank you so much for this gift.

Naomi Clay
Elgin, OK

naomi clay's 3 tubal reversal babies
first valentines day for baby millie is tubal reversal baby number 3 born to naomi clay

UPDATE February 2018: 

Baby Millie says, “Happy Valentine’s Day!!”. She is the last of 3 tr babies. 3 months old.

Naomi Clay
Elgin, OK

UPDATE Halloween 2018: 

My TR babies that Dr. Rosenfeld helped me with. Dominic (dressed as Robin) is 5, Kamren (dressed a Bumblebee) is 3, and Millie (dressed as Snow White) is 1 next month.

Naomi Clay
Elgin, OK

naomi clay's 3 tubal reversal babies dressed in their halloween costumes

UPDATE May 2020:

I had my tubes tied almost 10 years. After my 3rd baby, I had my tubes tied in 2003.

In August of 2012, I had a tubal reversal. We found out in September of 2012 that a baby was coming. On June 6, 2013 Dominic was born.

Two years later, we had Kamren on June 14, 2015. We thought we were done and surprise!!! Here comes Millie. She is 2 and was born Nov 13, 2017.

After her I have gotten my tubes tied again. My reversal was at age 35 and last baby was at 40.

Naomi Clay
Elgin, OK

naomi clay's 3 tubal reversal babies, the oldest holding a thanks sign he made, the middle child filling his Easter basket, and the youngest smiling wearing a big bow in her hair

UPDATE November 2020: 

I had my tubes tied in 2003. In 2012, I had them untied and got pregnant with Dom right away, 2013. 2015, we had Kam. 2017 was the year for Millie.

And after she was born, I had my tubes tied again. Oh and I had millie at 40.

In pictures: Dominic is 7. Kamren (in Halloween costume) is 5. Millie will be 3 this month.

Naomi Clay
Elgin, OK

UPDATE October 2022: 

All my babies are in school.

In pictures:

  • Millie – pre-K
  • Kamren – 2nd grade
  • Dominic – 4th grade.

Naomi Clay
Elgin, OK

naomi clay's 3 schoolaged tubal reversal babies

UPDATE September 2023: 

Keeping you updated with my babies.

New school year means new goals!

  • Dominic is 10 and in 5th grade,
  • Kamren is 8 and in 3rd grade.
  • Millie is gonna be 6 and in kindergarten.

It has been 11 years since my TR.

Naomi Clay
Elgin, OK