The Cruz Family is Having Baby #10

ultrasound of sandra cruz's tubal reversal baby

Well, I like to say I highly recommend Dr.Rosenfeld to do your tubal reversal.

At first I was soooo scared thinking it wouldn’t work but after reading so many people and their experiences with him, I was like, “Let’s do it”. I had my surgery January 6, 2021. My husband and I don’t have any kids together. I have 9 from my first husband and he has 2, but none together.

We got together and he asked if I could have kids told him no. We got to knowing each other more, been together 4 years. One day we both said we wanted another one but together. So I started looking up ways to get pregnant. I found Dr. Rosenfeld and gave them a call and we went for it. My surgery came out really good, no pain.

We started trying 60 days after surgery. Nothing was happening. Got a little sad because every month I would be like 7 days late so I would test and it would say NOT PREGNANT. That would break our hearts.

So I told my husband, “I give up.” Well, October after we got married, I saw on my period tracker that it said I was easy to get pregnant. So without telling my husband I wanted to try, I just said, “Babe let’s go to bed.”  🙂 if you know what I mean. Well, without him knowing I just laid in bed. Come November, I started working with him. I would carry heavy ladders and once I carried it and started getting sick. So I went one day to store got a test without him knowing. Following day I woke up really early, went to restroom, and took the test without him hearing me or knowing.  I was soo scared to see test cause I didn’t want to see Not Pregnant.

Well, this time it said PREGNANT. Yay me! I got so happy I jumped off toilet ran to my husband while he was asleep and said, “Babe!”, while I had the test right in his face. He jumped up and smiled and said, “Is this for real?” I said, “Yes!”

Here I am today, January 24, 2022 at 37 years old pregnant with my baby number 10. He is a boy and I’m 13 weeks pregnant. We are happy to say everything is going good as of now. Baby boy looks good, moves around like crazy…I just wanna tell Dr.Rosenfeld and his staff thank you for all the support you gave me.

I give 10 stars ⭐️ plus way more…

Just remember some get pregnant fast some take awhile, But don’t get discouraged. It takes time and patience. I learned that with this pregnancy… Don’t give up hope…

Sandra & Larin Cruz