Tranesha Fisher – Waco, Texas

This office is great!! I had absolutely no pain. Dr. Rosenfeld was very professional and his staff was excellent. The On-Q pain pump* was good and I really liked the hospital where the surgery was performed. Worth every dollar.

Tranesha Fisher
Waco, Texas
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UPDATE: Date of tubal reversal was March 9, 2012. Just found out I’m pregnant and everything’s fine with me and the baby! I’m due in September. The scar is minimal. You can’t even tell I had surgery!

*Dr. Rosenfeld no longer uses On-Q pain pump after tubal reversal surgery. He now uses the more effective Exparel.

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  • Me and my wife are interested and want to get her tubes reversed so we can try and have a baby. We would like more info on this and to possibly start.


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