Travonya McBride – Tubal Reversal from Dallas, Texas

Travonya McBride of Dallas, Texas had a tubal reversal baby girl from her second pregnancy after surgery with dr rosenfeldI cannot thank Dr. Rosenfeld and his team enough for giving me and my family a second chance on having a baby. Dr. Rosenfeld team is awesome.

I became pregnant in July 2016 after my reversal in April 2016. Had to have surgery in August 2016 because it was a tubal pregnancy. Was pregnant again in October and this time God blessed us with a little girl (Kennedy Cudjoe) in June 13th, 2017.

Ladies, don’t ever think that because your tubes are tied there is no hope because there is and Dr. Rosenfeld and his team proved it to me. Their price is affordable and they don’t have hidden fees like most places I called.

Thank you guys so much.

Travonya McBride
Dallas, Texas