Tubal Reversal Testimonial – Stephanie Manning

I am Stephanie Manning and had my tubal reversal Oct 8 [2013]. I am four weeks pregnant and SO excited! I cannot believe it happened so fast! Thank you for so much for helping us become pregnant!

I am 36, by the way, and expected the worst…we are so happy!

Stephanie Manning
Alpine, TX
Email me at folkartbliss@aol.com.

ultrasound of Stephanie Manning's tubal reversal babyUPDATE September 2014:

This is a sonogram of our baby boy a couple of months ago.

He is due in the next couple of weeks!

stephanie manning's tubal reversal baby arrived

We can’t thank Dr. Rosenfeld enough!

(My surgery was 10-8-13, and we got a positive pregnant test 12-13-13)

UPDATE JUNE 2016: He’s here. See picture at right.


Stephanie Manning – Tubal Reversal from Alpine, TX

We had a great experience. Everything was simple and smooth. They have the whole process streamlined. I never had pain and we conceived a month after the surgery. I was 36 at that time.

I had our son at 37 and 11 months later, conceived a daughter. I was 38 when I had her. It has been the best decision we ever made!

Tubal reversal 10/08/2013, meet my two reversal babies: Beau and Emily Manning.

Stephanie Manning