Tubal Reversal Dallas – Testimonial #1501

I’m 38 and had my tubal reversal last year on 03-19-2012. We came from Dallas. It was fast and smooth! I was very sick when I came in and the nurse gave me medicine over the weekend and I rested. That Monday, I was better, so I went in and the tubal reversal procedure was over and very easy.

I got pregnant 4 months later, but I miscarried because I was under a lot of stress when my granddaughter was born! Now I’m pregnant again, 10 weeks and 6 days. My doctor says everything looks good with a strong heartbeat. I even heard it on the Doppler.

Thanks, Dr. Rosenfeld and staff. You truly know your work. Just be patient and don’t let anybody tell you different!!!!!

UPDATE! Great doctor, very honest. I love the fact he will ask you if something is OK if he runs into a problem. I’m 38 and had my tubal ligation 16 years ago with clamps. He looked over my report and I was accepted. I had surgery March 19th 2012 I was pregnant with only one tube in July of 2012. That’s only 4 months later. I lost that baby I was under a lot of stress when my 20-year-old daughter’s baby was in NIC for two weeks and she passed on my birthday. I had a miscarriage the same day.

I called Dr R.’s office every time I had a thought. They were so kind and would always call me back even months after my surgery. Long story, I had two chemicals and was told I my eggs were old. LOL. I changed doctors. He ran tests and everything was normal. He gave me tips and now I’m 14 weeks pregnant.

Dr. Rosenfeld is great. He will not just take your money and leave you with false hopes. GO FOR IT! Don’t let anyone tell you that you’re too old. I believe he would not have accepted me if he felt the same.