Tubal Reversal Oklahoma – Testimonial #1515

Tabatha Nixon-Lynch of Oklahoma and her 2 tubal reversal babiesMy Name is Tabatha Nixon-Lynch. I had a tubal ligation done in May of 2001.

Dr. Rosenfeld performed a tubal reversal in February 2008. Soon after that, in July, we conceived and had a beautiful baby girl named, Aniyah. My baby boy, Anthony, is now 9 months.

I am still astonished by how quick the procedure was done. The staff was very friendly and eager to help with any questions, I did all the preparations from out of state and it was very easy because the staff explained to me step by step in what to do and prepare for. I was a long way from home and was without pain for the ride back because I did decide to use the On-Q pain pump and would recommend it to anyone.

I just want to thank all of you!

Tabatha Nixon-Lynch