Tubal Reversal Oklahoma | TR Baby Growing Up!

pictures of our TR Baby who just turned 2

This is Braden William Ridley. He just turned 2 on April 7.

We can’t thank you enough for giving us our little man.

Stacie & Brandon Ridley
Tulsa, OK

Check out Braden’s tubal reversal baby birth announcement and his superhero visit to Dr. Rosenfeld’s office when he was 3.

I had my TR done June 10, 2010.

Found out I was pregnant on August 9, 2010.

On April 7, 2011, our son was born.

He just turned 9. He’s amazing. He was in the honor roll 2 semesters this year. He is learning drums and guitar. He loves video games. He’s funny and has the most kind heart.

Thank you, Dr. Rosenfeld

Stacie Ridley
Tulsa, OK

braden ridley is stacie ridley's tubal reversal baby who is now 9 years old