Tubal Reversal Florida – Annette Feliciano

Annette Feliciano, Tubal Reversal patient from orlando Florida, is now pregnant at age of 40We are so grateful for Dr. Rosenfeld and the tubal reversal procedure. We traveled to Houston from Orlando, Florida so that we could have the surgery.

We found Doctor Rosenfeld through the internet we did our research and local doctors here in Florida charge $10,000 to $15,000 and only do in vitro. Dr. Rosenfeld was clearly the best choice.

The tubal reversal surgery was in October and we immediately got pregnant the next month. We are grateful for the entire staff, they were so nice and helpful from my very first phone call to the office even until now.

After my surgery, I realized I would only be able to get pregnant from only one side because only one of my tubes was able to be repaired. I felt absolutely no pain whatsoever thanks to the Exparel medication. We are currently 5 months pregnant with a baby girl and we plan on traveling back to Houston when she is born to take more pictures with Dr. Rosenfeld!

Annette Feliciano
Age: 40
Orlando Florida