Blanca Croson – Katy, Texas

Blanca Croson of Katy, Texas shares a picture of her 2 tubal reversal babiesEnjoy A Picture of Our Tubal Reversal Babies

I felt great about my surgery with Dr. Rosenfeld. He and his staff are absolutely amazing and answer any questions and make you feel at ease.

I loved the On-Q pump, I was pain-free by the next day it was not too long before I was back to my regular routine.  And I now have two beautiful children and I always recommend Dr. Rosenfeld to anyone interested in having children again after a tubal ligation. My ob/gyn at the time of C-section said that she has never seen such nice work from a tubal reversal like mine.

I had my procedure done October 2008 and was pregnant in January 2009.  I delivered my baby girl “Collette” on October 13th, 2009 and then got pregnant again and just had my baby boy “Caden” on February 22, 2011.  We are BIG happy family.  Enclosed you will find a picture of Collette and Caden.

Blanca Croson
Katy, Texas

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