Tubal Reversal Houston Texas Testimonial – Diane Valverde

i became pregnant with my Tubal Reversal baby even though I was 35 when I had my reversal surgeryAt the time of my tubal reversal consultation, I was 35 and not expecting to get pregnant any time soon after the procedure. However, two months later I conceived!

I really enjoyed Dr. Rosenfeld and how informative he was. I think he did a great, great job and loved everyone in his office as well! I was in a lot of pain but with the help of the On-Q pain pump, I was back on my feet in no time! Dr. Rosenfeld did a fantastic job on the procedure and preparing me for what was to come, and for him (Elijah) I am so thankful!

Diane Valverde
Houston, TX
Contact me at Dvalverde@yahoo.com.
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