Tubal Reversal Napoleonville Louisiana Testimonial – Holly Cavalier


I had my reversal 12 years and a couple months ago after being cut, tied and burned for 10 years. Dr. Rosenfeld and his team were simply amazing.

I now have two additions to my family. My first after reversal is now 11 and my second is 7.

We are now a very big family. A family of 6 after my babies. without Dr. Rosenfeld, I wouldn’t have my two babies with us now.

Holly Cavalier
Napoleonville, LA
Contact me at hollycavalier@charter.net


Tubal Reversal from a mom in Napoleonville I cannot even say in words how great Dr. Rosenfeld is!

My tubal reversal procedure was very successful and everything was great! I am blessed to have conceived not once, but twice!

mom holly cavalier of napoleonville louisiana shares pictures of her 2 tubal reversal babies growing up

His staff and the doctor himself were fabulous & caring. I had very little pain and was back to low impact exercise in about two weeks.

A big thank you to Dr. Rosenfeld and his amazing staff! I am so very thankful to the Doctor and his team for helping me to have my last two kids.. it’s is a blessing that you’ll do what you’ll do!!!

Holly Cavalier
Napoleonville, LA
Contact me at hollycavalier@charter.net.