Tubal Reversal Story by Janna Santana of Crosby, Texas

a month after tubal reversal, we were blessed with a beautiful, healthy tubal reversal baby boy I thought I was through raising children, but after finding Dr. Rosenfeld online, I actually got a shot at being a mother again.

After our consult with Dr. Rosenfeld, the possibility of completing our family was a reality. He went over the procedure and made sure we knew the exact process. After 2 C-sections, I thought I knew how the surgery and recovery would be, but boy, was I wrong! With the On-Q pain pump, I was able to get out of bed immediately. With my previous surgeries, I was not even close to getting out of bed due to excruciating pain. The pump was such a big help! It numbed the pain and I was still completely coherent.

We were recommended to wait three months to conceive and after our first try, we were pregnant! We couldn’t be happier and after a month, we were blessed with a beautiful, healthy baby boy! Thanks to Dr. Rosenfeld and all of his wonderful staff for making my family complete!