Lecia Dufresne – Cedar Park, Texas

baby born after tubal reversal surgery with dr rosenfeld My name is Lecia Dufresne and I wanted to send y’all a picture of my tubal reversal baby. I had sent you all an email a while back telling you that I was pregnant. Please tell the doc thank you so much. His work is a true blessing!!!

If any women is reading this that is considering a reversal, I give you my word that you have nothing to worry about, he is great. He was able to repair one of my tubes and it worked!! And the tube he did repair did not have much length to it at all!!!

I do not regret my decision and I promise you will not as well..My case was a true miracle so you can have the same…GOD BLESS YOU and Dr. Rosenfeld.

Lecia Dufresne
Cedar Park, Texas