Wonderful Experience: Tubal Reversal Surgery

doctor rosenfeld with a thumbs up icon indicated a patient was very happy with her free tubal reversal consultation

Me and my husband arrived at the office early. Coming from out of town, making sure we were not lost. The staff was so so nice and polite, professional, caring and don’t discriminate against your age or career. They just want to make you happy.

I was seen an hour early. The visit was the most detailed visit I have ever had. Dr. Rosenfeld was very polite and did a wonderful job. He came in, introduced himself, and made me feel very confident and comfortable.

The staff that took care of me at the surgery center was wonderful and caring. Everyone worked together as a team. I was blessed to be in all of their care.

Thank you, Dr. Rosenfeld. I feel whole again. For the meantime, I’m patient and falling all orders. Once again, me and hubby thank each and everyone involved in my care.

Yolanda Potts
Lufkin, TX