Yesenia Jones’ Tubal Reversal Story

yesenia jones' tubal reversal baby boy

After having my tubal reversal 8/8/14, we were thrilled when we became pregnant 1/2015. I delivered a healthy baby boy 10/16/15.

Our overall experience was so amazing. I was a little skeptical due to my tubes being tied for 6 years before the procedure however, we had no issues.

Dr. Rosenfeld and his skilled team have brought so much joy and love into our home.

BTW, I was 37 when I delivered and a type 2 diabetic.

Yesenia Jones
Humble, TX

yesenia jones of humble tx had a tubal reversal baby who is now 4 years old


TR was 8/2014.

Christopher was born 10/2015.

I was 37 a diabetic and still carried a health baby boy.

Biggest blessing ever.

Yesenia Jones
Humble, TX

yesenia jones toddler born after tubal reversal playing with easter toys