Tubal Reversal Stories From Older Moms

Read tubal reversal stories from Dr. Rosenfeld’s patients who were older than 35 when their tubes were reversed. Dr. Rosenfeld’s age limit for reversals is 39.


tania cintron's 4 tubal reveresal babies born 2015, 2017, 2019 and 2021

4 TR Babies for Tania from Pennsylvania

I’m reaching out to you now to let you know that I just had another baby! I am so happy to announce that at 39 years of age, I gave birth to a healthy and beautiful baby girl on Oct0ber 29, 2021. My tubal reversal surgery was done back in 2014. We conceived TR baby…
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cheryl covington's tr baby boy

Cheryl Covington’s TR Baby Boy

I had my reversal surgery by you, Dr. Rosenfeld, and your awesome staff in November 2018. My beautiful, healthy son was born October 2, 2019. Thank you. Cheryl Covington Atlanta, GA area
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patricia marshall mixco's tubal reversal baby is now age 4

Tubal Reversal Baby Now 4 Years Old

Had my TR in 2013 at the age of 40 and welcomed a baby girl in 2014. She will be 4 years old next week. Thank you to Dr. Rosenfeld and his team. Patricia Marshall-Mixco Pittsburg, California P.S. When I gave birth to her, the doctors told me that Dr. Rosenfeld did a wonderful job reconnecting…
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at age 40 with only a 10% chance of conceiving, sarah blood had tubal reversal baby after essure reversal

Essure Reversal: Successful Pregnancy in 40 Yr Old Patient

Patient came from Utah to Dr. Rosenfeld in Houston for Tubal Reversal Hi! Dr. Rosenfeld did an Essure reversal on me last year (10/19/17). We delivered a healthy baby girl on 11/19/18. With my age (I just turned 40) and it being an Essure reversal, he told us maybe a 10% chance of conception. We…
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sandra portillo's 2-month old tubal reversal baby sleeping in a car seat

Sandra’s 4-Year Wait for TR Baby

Quiero compartir mi bebe cumpliendo 2 meses. Gracias al doctor Rosenfeld y su equipo. Fue hecho realidad nuestro sueño de ser padres nuevamente después de 17 años de tubos atados. Mi reversion fue en Octubre 2018. Mi bebé nació en Septiembre 2022. Sandra Portillo Houston, Texas English translation: I want to share my baby turning…
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gracelyn mazal is our tubal reversal

Touching Tubal Reversal Testimonial – Pregnant on the 1st Try!

Dr. Rosenfeld and caring staff: It is with pure joy and great love that I get to introduce you to my precious baby gem, Gracelyn Elisabeth Mazal. I waited 6 months to start trying and I got pregnant on the first try!!!!!! Did I mention that I’m 36!! Following the death of my 3-year-old son,…
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girl toddler born after tubal reversal to the The langhoff family from falcon, colorado

Colorado Family Adds a TR Baby Girl

I flew down to Houston in August 2018 for my tibal reversal. I was 37 years old. I previously had 4 children and wanted one more with my new husband. I became pregnant FIRST cycle trying after surgery! My sweet reversal baby is 10 months old now. Gave birth to her June 23, 2019. 💗💗…
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tubal reversal pregnancy

Cheryl Covington Tubal Reversal Baby Announcement

I had my tubal reversal, November 14th 2018, by this amazing doctor. I am 38 years old and had my tubal 17 years ago, I’ve had three C-sections and we discovered a fibroid on my uterus. This doctor required my husband and I to complete some [fertility-related] testing prior to taking a payment from us.…
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tubal reversal baby girl of Elizabeth Callejas from Waco Texas

Tubal Reversal Story from Waco, Texas

Hello. I want to give thanks to Dr. Rosenfeld and his team that made my dream come true. I had my tubes cut and tied in 2005 and my tubal reversal with Dr. Rosenfeld was done on February 14, 2017. It was all a success. I got pregnant 6 months after the surgery and miscarried.…
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picture collage of delfina medina's newborn tubal reversal baby

Delfina Medina’s TR Baby Born

Me la hicieron el año pasado (2021) y ya tuve mi bebe en 2022. Gracias doctor! Tengo 41 años. Delfina Medina Houston, TX English translation: I had my tubal reversal done last year (2021) and I already had my baby in 2022. Thank you doctor! I am 41 years old. Delfina Medina Houston, TX UPDATE…
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