Highly Recommends Dr. Rosenfeld & Staff

tubal reversal baby born to april of groves, tx after her 2018 tubal reversalI had an awesome experience with Dr. Rosenfeld and his staff…awesome people and always willing to help and assist with any questions I may have had.

My reversal was performed on May 22nd, and I conceived sometime the beginning of August.  I took the test August 17, and it was positive. I delivered a healthy baby boy weighing 6 pounds on April 19th. I had a very successful reversal and I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Rosenfeld and his staff to anyone.

Thanks to God and Dr. Rosenfeld I was able to give my husband his first child!!!!!!

April McBride
Groves, TX
Let’s connect. Email me at april.broussard27@yahoo.com.