4th Tubal Reversal Pregnancy Announcement

after tubal reversal surgery, christina navarro the pregnancy test shows positivechristina navarro had her first tubal reversal baby after an ectopic pregnancyThank you…. Thank you… I’m pleased to say I have and I am wanting to share my success story.

I had a first pregnancy that was ectopic. And second gave me my baby boy who now is three (pictured at right). And later, I had another miscarriage the following year.

Anddddd….. I am pleased to announce my fourth pregnancy as of today (see the pregnancy test at left!).

Dr. Rosenfeld and his staff took really good care of me… I hope you do consider his care for your tubal reversal needs. I’m currently 34 and this will be my 8th living child, God willing.

God bless Dr. Rosenfeld and his staff. You will love them just like I did back in 2013 (5 years ago).

Christina Navarro
Corpus Christi, TX
Email Christina.

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