D’Ann & Danny Estrada – Tubal Reversal Success

estrada family from beeville texas with their tubal reversal baby

From September 2018 Facebook Post:

Thank you, Dr. Rosenfeld. Had my tubal reversal Feb 2016. Had our beautiful girl May 2017. 16 months old now.

Also, had another little girl (stillborn) March 2018. Still beyond blessed. Everything happens for a reason.

I’m 38 years young and happy.

D’Ann Estrada
Beeville, TX

From May 2020 Facebook Post:

Tubes tied and burnt in 2007.

Tubal reversal 1/4/16.

Had our daughter 5/17/17.

And 5 months pregnant.

D’Ann Estrada
Beeville, TX

tubal reversal baby girl now a toddler