Tubal Reversal Missouri – Jessica Judd

Tubal Reversal baby from Ellington Missouri turns 2 and now has a tr baby brother My husband and I came in last week and had the surgery Friday. His staff was amazing and answered any and every question that I had.

Can’t wait til I get to post a picture saying we are expecting!

Jessica Judd
Ellington, Missouri

our tubal reversal baby girl is here!

Update 1/29/2014: It’s a GIRL! We can not thank you enough for helping us complete our family – Brynlee Shae will be here in April 2014.

Update 6/30/2014: Our TR Baby #1 is here. Our precious tubal reversal baby #1 is here.  THANK YOU, Dr. Rosenfeld and staff!

Brynlee Shae
8 lbs 5 oz, 19 1/4″
Born: 04/24/14
Tubal Reversal: 06/28/13

tr baby #2 for jessica judd of ellington missouri

UPDATE 3/28/2017: TR Baby #2 (picture at left) is here. By far the best decision we made for our family! Thank you, Dr. Rosenfeld and staff, again!

Also, our sweet TR baby #1 turned 2 recently (picture at top left! She was born 10 months after our tubal reversal – best money spent ever!

jessica judd's 2 tubal reversal babies taking a bathUPDATE 11/27/2017: One of the rare moments these two get along. 😂 Thanks again, Dr. Rosenfeld, for making these two possible! (See picture at right.)