Lela Arthur O’Brien from El Paso, TX says: Thank you Dr. Rosenfeld, our family is now complete…..

tubal reversal baby Lela Arthur O’Brien is born in El Paso, TXMy husband, Vincent O’Brien, and I have both been married and divorced prior to us meeting. At the age of 26, I had four children from my previous marriage and decided to get my tubes tied.

At 34, I met my husband Vincent; he had no biological children at that time so we decided to have the tubal reversal surgery. In February of 2014, we had the surgery. I have to say I had minimal pain at home and on the first attempt we became pregnant.

We conceived our daughter Rylee Aislin O’Brien in April of 2014 and she was born in Dec 31, 2014. Thank you, Dr. Rosenfeld, our family is now complete.

Lela Arthur O’Brien
El Paso, TX