We Live For Tubal Reversal Success Stories

preemie tubal reversal baby girl of Susan Winegarden of Howe Texas Dr. Rosenfeld & Staff,

I came to your office in April 2012 and had a reversal. I found out in June 2012 that I was expecting. It was such an emotional experience with lots of changes along the way.

I already had 4 children and my youngest child is 9, so I had a big gap between and I questioned sometimes whether I made the right decision to start over again. It was definitely the right decision!!

On January 11, 2013 my baby girl was born! (5 weeks early, but she’s perfect.) Aulove Francesca Hosford (pronounced like Olive) weighed 5 lbs and was 18 in. She is beautiful and it never would have happened if I wouldn’t have decided to have a reversal with Dr. Rosenfeld. I already can’t wait to extend our family with TR baby #2.

Thank you for the miracles you make possible!!

Susan Winegarden
Howe, Texas