Tubal Reversal Dallas – Testimonial #1505

the raysons tubal reversal babyI am writing to thank you for the role you played in bringing my beautiful daughter, Sydney, into the world on 6/9/2009. My tubal ligation reversal surgery went well. Dr. Rosenfeld and the nurses explained step-by-step what was going to take place. I was pregnant within three months from being released from post-care.

I never thought I would want any more children after my first two children, who are teenagers. But, we can’t always predict how circumstances or how our minds will change.

My pregnancy was normal like my two previous pregnancies. Don’t look any further. This is the doctor you need to perform your tubal reversal procedure. I have heard stories of people going other places and then having to go somewhere else because the first doctor didn’t do a good job.  Dr. Rosenfeld puts dye through your tubes to make sure they are open after surgery, not all doctors do that. Isn’t that IMPORTANT?!!!!! If dye can’t go through the tubes, how can anything else go through in order to get pregnant?

I am still overwhelmed that a simple surgical procedure brought Sydney into our lives. Dr. Rosenfeld and his staff were so kind, helpful – and actually care how I am doing. We will be trying again later this year for our second tubal reversal baby!!!! Can’t wait.

Thanks, Dr. Rosenfeld, you are truly a Blessing.

Tamekia & Christopher Rayson
Dallas, Texas
Email me at TRayson@parkercc.edu.

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