Brandie Perry – Vidor, Texas

Brandie Perry of Vidor, Texas share picture of her tubal reversal baby Dr. Rosenfeld performed my tubal reversal May 11, 2009 – after being “fixed” for 11 years. With this procedure, my husband was able to finally experience the miracle of bringing a baby into this world because within 3 months, we were pregnant!

Miss Rylin Shae Perry graced us with her presence on May 14, 2010. Even though my husband, Will, has always been an excellent father to my children, I am so blessed to be able to share this experience with him and to have given him the opportunity to have a child of his own. What a blessing she is and we are SO grateful to Dr. Rosenfeld and all of his staff for making it possible!

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Brandie Perry from Vidor, Texas