Juanita & Javier Lara – Houston, Texas

after 13 years of having my tubes tied i now have these 2 beautiful tubal reversal children After 13 years since my last child, I wasn’t sure if tubal reversal was really what I wanted, but once I met Dr. Rosenfeld I knew it was the right decision.

The On-Q pain pump* was great. Dr. Rosenfeld believes in NO PAIN.

2 months later, I was pregnant with our beautiful daughter, Alexis, and 18 months after that, we had our handsome son, Xavier.

The staff treats you like family. Thank you for everything you have done.

Juanita & Javier Lara
Houston, Texas

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*Dr. Rosenfeld switched to Exparel injection for superior pain management and no longer uses the On-Q pain pump.